A wonderful lighting is a feast for nocturnal eyes

Why do architects need help of a lighting designer?

The sun, the light source of the universe. If the sun does not rise for a day, the whole world may be dark. The importance of light is something that cannot be ignored in human life. But artificial light, that is what awakens the night from darkness...Click here to read more.

The expression of your emotion

A lighting designer is a storyteller who speak through color, light and shadow. By creating a space with amalgamation of right color, light and shadow can touch a human being without the person realizing that you're touching...Click here to read more.

what 4meldude should write about water and light

What can be more marvellous than a dancing fountain with great lighting? Yes, I’m talking about the world’s biggest choreographed dancing water fountain near Dubai Mall designed by WET Design based United States...Click here to read more.