…A team that is going to fight for our WHY and GOAL…

Ramees Muhammed


The founder of Larkish. A creative and practical individual who is interested in designing things, he loves art and design.

Specialized in Lighting designing and has task specific experience in the lighting industry. Ramees is originally from Kerala in India. He moved away when he was 22 to start a carrier in art and design. Then he started his lighting design carrier at Linealight Dubai and continued working as a lighting designer at Nulty lighting and Light.Func.

He thinks it's really important to spread great design ideas and create concentrations of lighting design that people can enjoy. That's one of the reasons he has started Larkish.


Lighting Designer

Sinsiya is a very passionated in the perspective sketching and the calligraphy writing. Which makes her natural creative talent.

She attended the university for 2 years and made a decision to stop mathematics bachelor's degree. She began her career in architecture and interior design industry as an intern at Larkish , where she analyzed the soul of indoor spaces as well as creating aesthetic rooms and spaces in order to come up with the best combination of strength and value to stay within the budget while also fulfilling the needs of the projects.

After that experience, she started to pursue her interior design from Nirman Academy Manjery. She then started to work as a lighting designer at Larkish.

Aidan Ramees


Need a hug?...

We don’t have to worry, we have an in house professional cuddler.

If any of us feel stress at work, we pay a visit to him without thinking twice.

Aidan is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed. Larkish team is inspired daily by him and his activities in the workplace.

In his free time, Aidan likes to draw, paint, play games and of course breaking glasses.

Raees Muhammed

Business Advisor

Raees is an inspired, highly motivated technical soul who has attained training and education in the fields of construction and related business management.

Specialized in project management and coordination. Able to tackle the business challenges, leading expansion into new markets, bridging between various stakeholders, strategic and technical advices, act as a think tank, more over leading role in fascinating initiatives and monitoring, supporting key transitions of the entity.

This strong, determined individual is the backbone of all the wonderful things happening at Larkish. Which is why he is the business advisor of Larkish.

Arshad Rahman

Marketing Strategist

We never had lack of innovative ideas to promote our brand, thanks to Arshad. He is our brand and marketing strategist.

He considers himself as a brand and market himself first. You can see his trademark as bald head, all lost hairs are because of thinking about how to design and implement marketing strategies aligned with business targets.

Friendly nature and professionalism help him build long-term relationships with his growing client base and provide excellent customer service.

Away from the business, he enjoys travelling, making new friends and spending time with family and friend.